A' Design Awards' new World Design Rankings Released
by Harry / January 6, 2014
This sponsored post is brought to you by A' Design Award and Competition. Ever-evolving, improving and upping the bar for international design coverage, the A' Awards have just released three new Design Business Insights components to complement their updated country-level World Design Rankings. The new tables, Design Strengths, Design Weaknesses, and Design Opportunities, offer insight into the internal state of design in the 69 countries in the aggregate 2010-2013 rankings.

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The USA came in first overall, with a total of 112 awards, followed in order in the Top 10 by Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Brazil, China, Germany, and the Republic of Korea.

Meanwhile, within the USA, Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design, Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design, and Packaging Design were the strongest performing A' Awards categories. Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design, Idea Design, and Young Design were the poorest performers. Digital and Electronic Devices Design, Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design, and Graphics and Visual Communication Design showed the most promise for improvement.

Competitive data for all 69 countries is available at World Design Rankings (www.worlddesignrankings.com).

On the individual designer level, more insightful data mining reveals the relative ranking of all 628 A' Award-winning designers, artists and architects from 2010-2013 (#1 is Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis in Turkey, with a stunning total of 33 awarded designs and 6 runner-up works). Top designers by design category are also available, across 68 classifications: from Interior Space and Exhibition Design to Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design, it's all there in usefully broken-out detail.

Survey the freshly updated individual designer data at Designer Rankings (www.designerrankings.com) and Design Classifications (www.designclassifications.com).

To pave the way to the 2014 competition (Jan. 30 deadline details below), here are five more MOCO picks from last year's winners:


Or2 Photochromic Canopy Structure by Christoph Klemmt

Platinum A' Design Award Winner in Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category. This self-supporting polyproylene canopy turns from translucent white to hues of color that map the position and intensity of sunlight, then at night disseminates daylight stored as energy in integrated photovoltaic cells, all thanks to the first architectural application of photochromic ink, a smart material usually found in UV-reactive sunglasses. See all A' Design Award Winners 2013.


Eternity Urban Bench by George Drakakis

Golden A' Design Award Winner in Street Furniture Design Category. "Just drop and forget" is the installation brief for this striking, steel-reinforced concrete bench, perfect for outdoor seating, a strong, durable, waterproofed and geometrically stable take on the infinity symbol. See all A' Design Award Winners 2013.


Calendar 2013 "town" Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Platinum A' Design Award Winner in Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category. An annual calendar in the shape of a paper craft kit features buildings displaying the individual months, and accessory parts that let you mix and match to create and populate your own little town. See all A' Design Award Winners 2013.


Printed Bulbs Light Bulb by Eric Brockmeyer + Karl Willis

Platinum A' Design Award Winner in Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category. Precisely positioned internal bubbles and pipes guide and reflect the light in this 3D-printed bulb, made from clear polymer attached to a standard LED fixture with a standard Edison mount that screws in anywhere. See all A' Design Award Winners 2013.


House Residential House by Studio Mk27

Platinum A' Design Award Winner in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category. In São Paulo, Brazil, a cube house with a "perfect cubic volume," executed in concrete and perforated sheet metal, with custom furnishings in a mixture of European and Brazilian modern. See all A' Design Award Winners 2013.

For more information: What is A' Awards?

To enter for 2014: A' Awards Registration.

The final registration deadline is January 30, 2014. Results will be officially announced on April 15 (and covered right here on MOCO LOCO!).


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