Cozy Shelter by Lambert Kamps
by Ted Savage / December 19, 2013
Inflatable hideout: Cozy Shelter by Lambert Kamps is all military, sandbag, fortified look on the outside, and comfy wool blankets on the inside, a comfy personal cave that blows up wherever needed.

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"The shelter is constructed of a 220 meter inflatable tube that is banded in layers and connected to each other by straps." says Kamps.


"This manner of constructing gives a lot of freedom in possible shapes and sizes. One side of the tube is made out of blankets and the other side is made from nautical fabric, so you get different atmospheres at the in and outside."


Displayed at last year's DesignWorld contemporary design exhibition at the Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland. Kamps is based in Groningen, Netherlands.


Cozy Shelter will be presented at Gronicles, a presentation platform for designers from the Dutch city of Groningen, January 13 to 19, 2014, during imm cologne at Former Wohn-bar.


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