Heat Capacity Installation by Esther Jongsma
by Ted Savage / November 28, 2013
Heat Capacity Installation by Esther Jongsma uses a "table full of pots and pans" to create a sort of cityscape tableau that examines the way we unevenly distribute heat, with different objects representing different heating principles: solar, forms of insulation, Korean ondol underfloor heating, and so forth.

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Says Jongsma, "Heat Capacity' is a physical approach to energy efficiency. This table full of pots and pans is a metaphor for the uneven way heat production and heat consumption are distributed across the city, and provides new views on how to make better use of the available heat capacity."


"Each item represents a different heat-producing principle. Drawing planners away from the drawing board, the system makes the now largely wasted energy felt and seen, leading to new perspectives and new solutions. The ultimate aim is to collect and interpret heat principles, to ensure a better control of heat flows and save energy and money."


A 2013 Design Academy Eindhoven graduation project by this young Dutch designer, currently based in Eindhoven.


Photos: Lisa Klappe.


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