Wanmock Dog Hammock by Torafu Architects
by Ted Savage / November 15, 2013
With love, bed and a bone: Wanmock Dog Hammock by Torafu Architects, is a flat-packed, slot-together instant favorite spot designed specifically for Jack Russell Terriers (though any dog 10-15" tall at the shoulder and 14-18 lbs should fit fine).

Assemble, then slip on a T-shirt or sweater with master's beloved smell, and the kit is complete (it also comes with a bonus bone). "Wan-wan" is the Japanese version of a dog's bark.


The Wanmock is part of to the Architecture for Dogs collection of dog furnishings created by world-class architects and designers.


In addition to the pre-made kit, blueprints for a DIY model are available as a free download. Photos: Hiroshi Yoda.


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