Miss Dior Chair by Nika Zupanc
by Harry / November 7, 2013
"There is something daring in this object of controlled prettiness." - Nika Zupanc

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So says Nika Zupanc of the chair she designed, an homage to Virginia Woolf, for French fashion house Dior.


"The connotations that a bow has to live up to - that of a surprise, a gift, of immaculacy - are all but forgotten here. Taking it back to its simplicity and plain knotted shape a bow is a bow is a bow."


"Its odd pink frivolity is counterbalanced by the reserved metal frame and its brave new function, that of a sitting tool for those heroic enough to wear their heart on their sleeve."


The Miss Dior Chair will be shown at the Galerie Courbe in the Grand Palais in Paris from November 13th - November 25th, 2013. More at Nika Zupanc.


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