Rozmowa Vases, Boxes & Bowls by Amaury Poudray
by Harry / October 26, 2013
A series of minimalist works made of copper and glass represent Poland's "citizens in perpetual dialogue with their history and its tenacious roots".

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"Rozmowa is a project that is dear to my heart, directly linked as it is to my experience of Poland. This culture which I got to know well is, fundamentally, very different from my own. It gave me an understanding of the cultural diversity of Europe and the complexity of its history." says Poudray.



"Poland has been deeply marked by its recent history, from the second world war through the Communist period, with periods of intense mining and industrial activity. Generations have been shaped by these historic events, subtle traces of which still show up today in the everyday life of the Poles. I was inspired by this subtleness. It is what brought home to me the indelible but discreet mark left by our shared past."


"Rozmowa is a series of five objects fashioned from copper surfaces and glass containers. The glass is imperfect, blown without using a mould, while the simple shapes of the copper are precise and perfectly fitted."



"Created in France, they are the fruit of multiple dialogues between the craftsmen, between the designer and the craftsmen and, further back, between the designer and the gallery."



"These apparently unfussy objects are the result of fertile exchanges. They give off an energy that brings to mind the heat of the fire needed to shape them."


"Each of the five pieces has been given a Polish forename, an expression of the designer's personal vision, informed by his experience, of the inhabitants of this country."



"Rozmowa articulates the lack of congruence between appearance and reality. It feels as if these elemental masses with their Polish forenames are still inhabited by the history which has shaped them."


The individuals involved in the whole "Rozmowa" - or conversation - are Katarzyna, Piotr, Ola, Agnieszka and Maciej.


Photos : Tiphaine Vasse. More at Amaury Poudray.

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