Video: Streetshapes Hosiery by Patternity
by Harry / October 18, 2013
Pattern specialists Patternity have collaborated with Pretty Polly to create a three piece legging collection featuring urban and man-made shapes and structures.

The three piece collection featuring 'Bricking it' 'Tower block' and 'Shapeshifter' in black and nude "is a reminder of the powerful presence of pattern in our everyday environment - encouraging us to look up, down and around at the world with a fresh set of eyes." says Patternity.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Patternity has applied their iconic pattern exploration and geometric designs, (previously seen on furniture, gallery walls, architecture, home-wares and knitwear) to Pretty Polly's hosiery.


The Streetshapes collection is based on the fundamental shapes that make up all matter, a bold rearrangement of circles lines, triangles and squares.


"As with all projects undertaken by Patternity this is underpinned by the aim to encourage a heightened observation of the (often unnoticed) patterns that surround us everywhere we go."

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