Voronoi Jewelry by Martin Verner
by Ted Savage / October 15, 2013
Silver, onyx, diamonds, white gold, math: Voronoi Jewelry by Martin Verner is a collection of designs based on the Voronoi principle, a logical way of dividing space around set points!

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Verner is member of the Czech UNOSTO jewelry designers group that's presenting the Collective Lab exhibition at the FOX Gallery in Prague.


Alena Hesounová was inspired by blossoms of exotic flower Granadilla in her collection Pasifloras.


Kateřina Matěchová and Karla Olšáková from Dechberoucí studio are introducing necklaces made of metal elements.


Kateřina Řezáčová's Layva includes new brooches and movable pendants with "inner space".


Lucie Houdková creates organic shapes of rubber and thread "that grow and spread in her hands and remind of a living mass".


Pillars necklaces by Markéta Richterová, inspired by a visual phenomenon known as light pillars, "a brief moment when the Sun is low or lies below the horizon".


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