Acid Modernism House by Doug Aitken
by Ted Savage / September 3, 2013
Home as an earth-connected, interactive, immersive experience, Acid Modernism House by Doug Aitken, in Venice, California, showcases artist Aitkens' Acid Modernism esthetic, "a warm, organic modernism that's also perceptual and hallucinatory."


Coloured windowpanes; stairs and tables that can be played with mallets; angled mirrors creating kaleidoscopic light shows; walls silk-screened with leaves that blend with the greenery outside; buried geological microphones that broadcast the sound of the tectonic plates shifting, rumbling traffic, roaring tides... "It's not a radically avant-garde house," says Aitkens, simply a living environment, open to experimentation. Via Flodeau. Photos: Ye Rin Mok.

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