MOCO LOCAL: Jean-Maxime Labrecque in Montreal
by Harry / August 19, 2013
MOCO LOCO is 10 years on the web this year, to mark the occasion this week we're talking to designers from where we began, our home town of Montreal. We asked designer Jean-Maxime Labrecque for his five favourite places in Montreal right now. Above, the mast of the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

1. Montreal Olympic Park
4141, avenue Pierre-De Coubertin

"The original Olympic Park as a whole, including the Viau and Pius IX metro stations, the former Velodrome (which has since become the Biodome) and the original wayfinding design."

2. The Montreal Metro system

"The Montreal Metro as a whole. Most of the stations are brutalist, as there's often large swaths of exposed structural concrete - which also incorporates furniture and modern art."

3. Place Ville Marie designed by I.M.Pei.
1, Place Ville Marie

"Still flawless to date."

4. The Turcot freeway interchange

"A masterpiece of sixties engineering."

5. La Caisse de dépôt (Quebec pension fund)
1000, place Jean-Paul-Riopelle

"Few recent projects can be considered truly modern, this one is."

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