Opus Chair by Dor Ohrenstein
by Harry / August 1, 2013
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is a direct link between the physical balance and mental balance of a person. Dor Ohrenstein has made a chair to help users achieve that state.

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"While exploring the TCM culture, during this project, I decided to focus on the issue of physical balance and mental state." says Ohrenstein.


"When one achieves physical balance and he knows how to find and manipulate his own body, he will be able to control his own mind and soul."


"My project presents a new sitting model that allows the user to be in charge of his balance using a ball based structure, letting the user take control of his mental and physical state."


"While sitting on the Opus Chair you find yourself at an new posture located between traditional sitting posture and stand up position, in this posture the center mass of the user located under his spine forcing the user to be in a upright posture."


Ohrenstein is a recent graduate of Hadassah College Jerusalem. More at Dor Ohrenstein.


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