MUKI_PIX Active Lighting Pavement by Szövetség '39
by Harry / July 30, 2013
A combination of concrete, glass, LEDs and infrared sensors embedded in pavement interacts with passersby to tell neighbourhood stories in Monor, Hungary.

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"MUKI_PIX, is a special spreading art system, a public art object. It is able to create a visual focus in a spatial situation given. However, it doesn't want to define itself as a piece of art as its form and content fits in the built and natural environment." says Szövetség '39.


"The essential part of the artistic idea is the variability and flexibility of the system that is designed to the unique and changing factors of the site. This enables MUKI_PIX to be adapted organically to a variety of sites."


Members of local communities where MUKI_PIX is installed have a key role in creating the site-specific object since its artistic content is the graphical adaptation of urban folklore. "We collected gossips, local stories and urban legends via interviews, historic research, newspapers and spontaneous conversations on-site."


"Experiencing MUKI_PIX in the daytime is different from the night. During the day its surface communicates in a subtle and exciting way with modest yet detailed and sensible graphic texture. After the sunset lighting appears through pictogram-shaped and sensor-operated glass panels built into the concrete blocks, reacting to tree leaves falling and to pedestrians and animals passing by."


"MUKI_PIX's main aim is to strengthen social relations by connecting a given place's past and present and experiencing being part of the community. The active use of the site fosters the connection of generations living together while it inspires informal conversations between them."


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