ELISAVA Postgraduate Diploma in Alternative Jewellery Design Student Projects
by Ted Savage / July 22, 2013
Final projects from the first round of graduating students in the Postgraduate Diploma in Alternative Jewellery Design program at ELISAVA (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering) included a take on the subtractive color model, María Arranz's colour-shifting CMYK pendant and rings.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


CMYK pendant

The inner side of the pendant has cogs that can be used to turn the circles of colour. Turning the cogs rotates the circles to create new colours. Cyan, magenta and yellow are the primary colours, and each colour has a different speed, so in a turn all the secondary colours are generated.


For the rings, the movement comes from the inertia of the hand wearing them. One of the rings generates the secondary colours in way similar to that of the necklace, but more randomly, while the other one keeps the pure primary colours. The Spanish language program attracted students from Spain, Brazil, Mexico and the USA for its first year.


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