Vitrified Variables by Judith Wehmeyer
by Harry / July 6, 2013
Delicate porcelain foldings that resemble folded blankets form the tops of a series of stools and benches by Judith Wehmeyer for design gallery Karena Schuessler in Berlin, Germany.

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"The porcelain exhibition pieces weave uniquely varied layers of BoomWehmeyer's art practice into a family of functional variables juxtaposed with its delicate porcelain foldings. A collection of hands- on artistic processes with chinese porcelain, a making journey which created experiences and stories for the user to take the material beyond a fragile experience." says Wehmeyer.


"This collection of objects is about bringing porcelain into a new experience through old techniques and unfolding the material quality by working with a hands-on evolution of material character and implementations. Through the use of folding a group of porcelain variables were created that unite in processes, strength and function."


"The collection Vitrified Variables shows a collection bringing out new relations with the porcelain material. The objects showing different folding techniques that allows the porcelain to vitrify its strength. Before the fold, the porcelain slab is malleable and almost without dimension but by folding bridge-connections are created giving strength to the material."


"The objects are build up through traditional local techniques where the artist presses porcelain slabs into moulds creating an infrastructure of walls during which the firing creates its vitrified structure. By the use of classic chinese glazes and porcelain color experiments the variables of shapes emphasize the play with its hollow inside and solid outside world."


"The fold allows a combination of accidental and natural processes coming together by the artists hand. Working with porcelain is about this relation between the artists idea of the manual and the behavior of the processes of the material. Clay is known to behave as a local material with its own qualities, only a part of the process can be directed by the artist."


"Through its forming and drying process the makers hands takes lead but during firing the material always takes its own direction. This accidental and pragmatic combination is also something that inspires BoomWehmeyer studio work in China when looking at local interventions of how people live with materials. The fold can lay out a new perspective on how we perceive not merely porcelain but interpret the narrative around us."




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