AlterEgo Chair by Albert Puig
by Harry / July 5, 2013
Albert Puig's AlterEgo is a chair that attempts to translate the designer's personal character -his being- into an everyday object.

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"He defines himself with three adjectives that truly represent him: complex, daring and dual. He works in his objects so that they are able to transfer this message directly to the person observing it." says Albert Puig Studio.


"By means of the geometric repetition of an element that is formed with two triangles, he creates a three-legged structure with lumbar support that is transformed into a chair."


"This is a chair with a strong formal complexity but, at the same time, it is developed by the repetition of the same shape. This is an important aspect that enables the designer to accelerate its production process."


"A clean and symmetrical structure, with aggressive yet sophisticated lines, it has a backrest that adapts to the lumbar area and clears the spinal column, offering a greater feeling of freedom."


"The structure is made of beech wood, providing major lightness to the piece, which thanks to the triangulation and force distribution, it can be produced with thin wood thicknesses."

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