Arachnide Lounge Chair by studioforma associated architects
by Harry / July 1, 2013
Thin dark legs and a sleek corpulent body are reminiscent of a spider in Arachnide Lounge Chair by studioforma associated architects.

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It's the contrast between the materials that compose arachnide that inspired the Swiss architecture firm to design it; "the luminosity and the modern attributes exalted by the use of aluminium were combined with the darkness and the nobility expressed by the smoked oak. As a result of a heterogeneous combination, depending on the view point this oblique-angled sculpture, can turn into an inviting and bright seating with an exciting glow." says studioforma.


"The metal, applied to compose the seating part and to draw a slightly shimmer line on the brown legs, was shaped in a high polished finish that allows the reflection of the surrounding environment, creating a mirror effect. It plays an illusion sensation to the eyes while the matte wood, gives the effect of stability and strength, providing the perfect balance for those who are searching comfort and high quality in one contemporary unit."


"This revolutionary design raised from the challenge of playing with two distinct elements and was transformed from sketch to reality, by the Swiss precision. In a response for this fact, even though arachnide was created to be a minimalistic piece, it has an outstanding exposure independent wherever it is inserted."


"Despite of the possibility to be allocated to any ambience this elegant and timeless piece of furniture, originally handcrafted and produced in 1100 mm x 540 mm with a height of 720 mm, is also available in different dimensions and materials, that can be shaped by request. The combination of other elements does not influence the authentic idea of arachnide and compositions such as leather/wood and fabric/metal also present a contrast." Photos: Pablo Faccinetto.

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