Casa Iosa Ghini: HOME and STUDIO by Massimo Iosa Ghini
by Ted Savage / June 21, 2013
Dramatic renovation of a 1930's building in Bologna, Casa Iosa Ghini: HOME and STUDIO by Massimo Iosa Ghini, the architect's new 600 sqm home-studio-workshop-showroom, incorporates "recovery, minimization of consumptions, special custom-made elements, aesthetics and high-quality materials, comfort."

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A central architectural focus is the south-facing facade, with a plant screen that captures and buffers solar energy through the seasons.


Photos: Massimo Listri.















From the architect:

The HOME and STUDIO designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini represents a qualitative renovation that adds dynamism to the original structural entity - a building of 600 sqm located in a noble area of Bologna city - dating to the rationalist period of the last century, together with the component of preservation.

It is a project for a new home-studio-workshop and showroom of Massimo Iosa Ghini which contains several significant and original elements and recreates a livable environment, an innovative way of living: a perfect union between architecture, interior design, decor, attention to detail.

Recovery, minimization of consumptions, project of a special custom-made elements, aesthetics and high-quality materials, comfort are the keywords of the recent project. As architect Massimo Iosa Ghini says, the goal was to "search in your own home sustainability, aesthetics, cost."

"The house of a designer - continues Iosa Ghini - is always an instrument of representation which also returns a minimum of experimentation. And mixing the two areas with the daily practice remains an exciting path. "

The leading concept was to create a real example of sustainable project, for a qualitative renovation that takes into account the costs of the building, with a positive relationship between investment costs, real consumptions and qualification, considering the aesthetic result.

The architectural project was to redefine the southern facade, interpreted as the major collector of solar energy. The pre-existing wall was demolished for a facade made of plant screens for summer protection, while during winter it acts as a collector of solar energy through a direct absorption, which is mixed throughout the year with the photovoltaic panel.

Several elements of the house including the fitness area, the living room and the studio / show room of Massimo Iosa Ghini have become the occasion to create taylor made products that underline the Made in Italy style, some of which are already in production.

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