5 Years of CLASH - Fashion by Non-fashion Designers
by Ted Savage / May 31, 2013
Celebrating with a retrospective, 5 Years of CLASH - Fashion by Non-fashion Designers features the work of designers and artists from fields related to fashion, like photography, fine arts, illustration, video, textile and product design, 10 of whom have been invited each year to each create a wearable piece of art. Above, Leather Love and Paperwork by accessory designer Ellen Truijen and art director Rob Truijen from FASHIONCLASH 2013.

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Paper Dress by Esther Noben (Graphic Designer & Art Director)

The results are photographed by professionals who also do not work primarily in fashion, and presented live on the catwalk along with the photo record. CLASH was started by a group of Dutch designers (long list of participants can be found here). See the 2011 collection here.


Post Colonial Cipher by Agata Karolina (Designer)

This year's FASHIONCLASH features all of the creations at SAMdecorfabriek, May 31-June 2, in Maastricht, the Netherlands, with side programs at various locations in the city till June 9.


Wilderman by Hermine van Dijck (Textile Designer)

Photos: Severafrahm. Models: Julia Aumann, Janneke Jeurissen, Marie Magdalena Pierre Louis.


http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2013/05/31/the-fifth-avenue-sofa-by-dima-loginoff-done.php http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2013/05/31/8008-by-hiroyuki-arima-urban-fourth-done.php
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