Philips hue 1.1 Personal Wireless Lighting
by Ted Savage / May 16, 2013
It's an LED lighting system, it's an iOS app, in fact, it's next generation Philips hue 1.1 Personal Wireless Lighting, smart lights with tailoring made even more flexible with the 1.1 version of the controller software.

The system lets you adjust hue, from custom white light to colours, dim, blink, turn on and off, based on all kinds of programmable events, like timers and alarms. Perhaps most interesting in the enhanced app package, a team-up with IFTTT, the if-this-then-that online service that lets you use events in one of the 60 plus partner channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stocks,, Evernote, Philips hue, and on - to trigger actions.


Stock market goes up, lights blink a special shade of green, the choices are yours!

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