Membrane Lounge Chair by Benjamin Hubert
by Harry / May 11, 2013
Benjamin Hubert has created an ultralight chair with construction and materials "commonly found in the sporting goods industry and tent construction."

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Membrane is a lounge chair composed of a lightweight steel and aluminium framework with a stretched 3D woven textile mesh that, assembled, weighs only three kilograms.


"The chair stems from the studio's materials driven, process led, industrial design approach, and research into the construction of tents and sports products with a focus on space frames and stretched textile." says Hubert.


"Membrane utilises a CNC-shaped stainless steel and aluminium framework to describe the shape of the chair. This framework is then wrapped in a 3D woven textile with integrated padding."


"This construction and materiality is more commonly found in the sporting goods industry and tent construction. The cover is secured to the framework with a series of zips and fastenings."


"The combination of metal frame and padded textile allows 'Membrane' to use a minimal amount of polyurethane foam - a conventional armchair would be covered almost entirely with foam - therefore reducing the carbon footprint of this type of product."


More at Benjamin Hubert.



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