Patchwork-glass by Nendo
by Harry / April 4, 2013
Patchwork-glass is a combination of fine cut glass techniques special to Bohemian glass and an ancient production method for sheet glass in which glass blown in a cylinder is cut away, opened up and flattened.

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Using a process akin to sewing together animal hides, or piecing together small fragments of cloth to create a patchwork quilt, Patchwork-glass is a series of glass vessels designed by Nendo studio and made by Czech glassmakers Lasvit.


"We reheated a variety of objects already decorated with traditional cut glass patterns, then sliced them open and reattached them to each other to create one large object." says Nendo.


Patchwork-glass will be shown during Milan Design Week 2013 at the Dilmos gallery in Milan.

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