Doll Pill Container by Quentin de Coster
by Harry / April 1, 2013
Quentin de Coster's Doll project reinvents the everyday use of medication in a fun, and logical, way.

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Consisting of a series of nested cups reminiscent of a Matryoshka doll, pills are lodged in the cavity of each subsequent Doll tumbler.


When the tumblers are removed at the required intervals, the pills are revealed.


Says de Coster, "Different pieces fit together like a Russian doll protecting drugs, health symbols, which are almost sacralized. Due to its transgenerational aesthetic, DOLL is intended to a wide audience and considers the elderly without stigmatizing."


DOLL is composed of a beech base and three plastic cups. Photos: Elodie Timmermans. More at Quentin de Coster.

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