Video: IN PIECES by Dean West & Nathan Sawaya
by Ted Savage / March 22, 2013
Next move for the series that proves that "LEGO is a legitimate art medium," IN PIECES by Dean West & Nathan Sawaya heads out on a US tour after its hit premiere this month in New York.

Additionally, two new images will be added later this year. The exhibition features highly stylized photographic representations of contemporary life that incorporate exquisitely detailed LEGO objects which also appear on display (note the tree up top).


Tree, In Pieces 2012, Plastic Bricks, 48.0 x 22.0 x 20.0 inches, edition of 7

Renowned LEGO sculptor Sawaya and award-winning hyperrealist photog West collaborated closely over several years on every aspect of the project. Scenes were photographed on location in California, Toronto, New York, Utah and Nevada.

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