Video: Schwarzes Gold Lamp by Ingo Schuppler
by Harry / March 15, 2013
Ingo Schuppler's deep black lamps get that way because they're made of charcoal.

Schuppler wanted to create a product that was sustainable, a "product's final design should be about elaborating things more deeply and understanding the world around us better. In short, it's about designing a better future."

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"Today lamps with energy-saving light bulbs are titled as 'eco-friendly.' For granted, saving energy is a fundamental principle for sustainable design, but it is only a fraction of the whole. In a time characterized by vanishing natural resources, climate change, and toxic waste, the eco-friendliness of a lamp depends on more than just its light bulb. The materials used, the production process, the packaging, and its disposal must be considered."


"[My] black lampshade is made out of 100% natural materials. The binding agent consisting of flour and water is mixed with FSC-certified charcoal. Next, the liquid substance is poured into the form and baked for a few hours at low temperature, which keeps the ecological footprint of 'Schwarzes Gold' low. During the baking process, the copper form is baked into the black charcoal mix, which creates a solid bond between the two elements."


"The pressed copper sheet serves as a reflector for the energy-efficient LED-bulb and gives the light an inviting warm reflection. Even though the burning of coal emits climate-warming and polluting greenhouse gases, to this day, this fossil fuel is still currently Germany's number one energy source. The lamp's thought-provoking deep black coal material wants to remind customers that they also carry a responsibility." More at Ingo Schuppler.

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