Mirroled Case by Efrem Bonacina and Giovanni Moro
by Harry / March 9, 2013
A perfectly reflecting mirror turns unexpectedly into an efficient light source in Zoe3 Design's Mirroled Case.

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Made with 1.8mm ultra-thin Philips Lumiblade OLED modules, the Mirroled Case is part of a family of small products being developed by Bonacina and Moro.


"Not only can Lumiblade OLEDs be used as a light source for rooms or hallways but also for objects of daily use, portable small, handy gadgets thanks to the intrinsic small dimensions of the OLEDs." says Zoe3.


The Mirroled Case is "A tiny mirror that can turn out very handy every time you need useful, discrete light." More at Zoe3.


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