Sticks + Stones Jewelry by Simone Ferkul
by Harry / March 6, 2013
Simone Ferkul's Sticks + Stones jewelry is characterised by angles, intersecting elements and craft.

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"Sticks+Stones reexamines traditional crystal models through material capacity." says Ferkul.


"This fascination with structure becomes the essence of the collection, while the experimentation of walnut's innate properties becomes the driving force in creating these wearable design objects."


"Exploring form, size, and proportion, all critical in the process of crystal cutting, the walnut skeletal framework layers as well as integrates with the brass details and cotton cord to create pieces that reflect a return to craft techniques."


"Stick + Stones seeks to reconnect designer, maker, and wearer to develop holistic objects that respond to the mass production of consumer goods.


The Sticks + Stones collection was completed for Capacity, a design show that occurs during Toronto Design Week and supports female Canadian designers. More at Simone Ferkul.

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