Mu Thermal Imager by Mu Optics
by Ted Savage / March 4, 2013
Not quite those see-through-clothing X-ray specs finally realized, and more of a tool than a toy, iPhone Thermal Imager by Mµ Optics nonetheless promises both fun and utility with its heat-sensing capabilities, imaging the infrared spectrum (-86 to 285°F/-66 to 140°C) to visualize everything from skin temperature (find a missing pet in the dark is one suggestion) to sources of heat loss in the home.

Price is a big design point: the usual range for this gear, often used in the building trade, is $2,000 to $22,000, while the Mµ version will initially come in under $325, and should eventually drop to $200 (a trick accomplished by offloading most of what goes into a standalone thermal imager onto an existing computer - laptop, tablet, smartphone - and focusing on the high resolution, 19,200px infrared sensor). Android and iOS compatible. Crowdfunding on indiegogo now.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


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