Furni DIY Bluetooth Speaker by Aaron Daley
by Harry / March 4, 2013
Montreal-based Aaron Daley was asked to show what could be created with Furni's DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit and designed this iconic wood house crossed with vintage phone parts design.

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Furni DIY Bluetooth Speaker by Mitz Takahashi

In all, six designers were asked and six custom speaker boxes were created to promote the DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit, which will be sold in conjunction with Furni's Kendall bluetooth speaker (to be launched Spring 2013).


Furni DIY Bluetooth Speaker by Evan Melnyk

The kit consists of the same parts used inside the off-the-shelf Kendall; 2 x 5 watt class "D" audio amplifier, two fullrange 2" magnetically shielded speakers, auxiliary 1/8" audio line in (for non-bluetooth connectivity) and a 9v wall adapter.


Furni DIY Bluetooth Speaker downloadable cardboard template by Matt Nicholson


Furni DIY Bluetooth Speaker by Phil Savard


Furni DIY Bluetooth Speaker by Daniel Finkelstein


Furni DIY Bluetooth Speaker set


Furni Kendall Bluetooth Speaker

More at Furni. Photos: Julie Langenegger Lachance.


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