G house by Lode Architecture
by Ted Savage / March 2, 2013
A holiday home in Normandy, France, located between woods and orchards, G house by Lode Architecture presents a monochromatic slate exterior that blends with the sky and local building traditions.


Large windows, augmented by reflective conduits on the roof, allow admitted light to follow daily and seasonal cycles, while load-bearing outer walls free up the interior volume. Low thermal mass combines with efficient insulation to allow quick heating and cooling, in keeping with the home's intermittent use - heating is by wood stove only. East-west orientation and use of natural shade place the emphasis on passive systems and sustainability. Prefabricated wood slab and wood panel construction, on a shallow foundation, reduce impact on the site, with all leftover structural wood used for doors, steps and fixed furniture. Via ArchDaily. Photos: Daniel Moulinet.


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