Naturally Collection by Alexandra Gonçalves
by Harry / February 28, 2013
The fragile constitution of dried plants was the inspiration for Naturally Collection, a furniture and object collection by Berlin-based designer Alexandra Gonçalves.

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Says Gonçalves, "Leaves and stalks can live for a long time after the plant completes its circle of life. Even if in a dried plant the bright colors disappear - the beauty remains in its structural details."


"Lunaria, a common garden plant, forms seed pods which then flake away revealing silver disks at the end of its life-cycle."


"The fragile constitution of the flower holds a thin white skin - which is reflected in the production of the 'Naturally Collection'"


"The furniture series is comprised of a delicate black stainless steel structure, which creates the shape of each piece. The combination of wood and a white lacquered metal sheet gives the function to each object - a cabinet, a drawer, a center table, a lamp and a pouf."


Photos: Paolo Emmanuele. More at Alexandra Gonçalves.

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