Thermoforcing Bowls by Han Koning
by Harry / February 18, 2013
Using the same molding technique he used for his Static Plastic lighting range, Han Koning has created a series of "thermoforced" bowls.

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Says Koning, "This product is in its experimental phase. But I kind of like the way the models are turning out!"


"I used the same molding technique that I apply in my Static Plastic lighting range. I create a plastic shape (plug) with my 'thermoforcing' method. After which i create a plaster mold and pour a series of slip-cast copies."


"I tilt-shift the mold so every copy is unique. The results were baked and glazed in the oven. The final products will probably be a limited series of 'bowls'."


More at Han Koning. Photos: J. de Groot, A. Kremer.

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