VDI 2860 - The Worker Lamp by Pascal Howe
by Harry / February 13, 2013
In Pascal Howe's world, "firmly rooted in the Atari 2600 console world of the 80s", a lamp is a four metre high robot.

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"The Worker is not a small figure, meant to be used as a paperweight on the desk, but is over four metres high." says Howe.

The Worker is the first in a series of "functional sculptures" in Howe's VDI 2860 collection. "VDI is the official abbreviation of the German Engineers' Association and 2860 refers to the guideline, which describes the prerequisites a machine needs to fulfil to be classed as a robot."


"My inspiration for this collection came as I was shopping around for a turntable. My attention turned to the RPM1.3 from Pro-Ject which, unlike many modern electronic items, does not favour form over function: When you look at it, you can immediately see how it works; the technology is not hidden from the user. And this concept is used by me in my work; technology plays a vital role and influences the design process itself. I want to change a space's atmosphere and give it a surrealistic feel." More at Pascal Howe.


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