Odoo Sustainable House
by Ted Savage / February 8, 2013
Sleek, black, angular, independent, Odoo Sustainable House matches quality of living with solar powered extreme energy efficiency by moving activity outdoors to a well-stocked and shaded summer living space, complete with terrace furniture, full kitchen, and movable open fireplace, all housed in a summer wall that also contains home systems, and provides a second south-facing surface for solar collection.


The critical air-to-water heat pump, and semi-passive cooling-heating, ventilation, and photovoltaic systems are smart, controllable from PC, tablet, touchscreen, or smartphone, even remotely via the Net. The super-insulated structure is also modularly mobile, shippable by truck. The work of a student team from Hungary's Budapest University of Technology and Economics, it placed sixth in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. Via ArchDaily. Photos: Bal√°zs Danyi.


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