Airberg Seating by Jean-Marie Massaud
by Harry / February 5, 2013
One of the first products from Offecct's new R&D Lab is a seating collection shaped like inflated icebergs.

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Airberg (still a prototype) "is an innovative piece of furniture that breaks with conventions... [the] result of an ongoing R&D-process where Offecct and Jean-Marie Massaud dared to develop a piece of seating furniture for the meeting places of the future." says Offecct.


"The inspiration behind the form of Airberg is a combination of a comfortable, inviting piece of seating furniture and an iceberg [inflated] with a vacuum. The furniture's abstract form is light in its expression and Airberg is contemporary both in its design and in the technique used."


"Airberg consists of a structural case which gives the impression of being filled with a vacuum, but is in reality filled with a flexible padding material. The unique craftsmanship used in the production of Airberg makes it possible to create a deconstructed piece of furniture that is more defined in its asymmetry." More at Offecct. Via Architonic.

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