Déjà Vu Watch by Denis Guidone
by Harry / January 30, 2013
A watch that shows the "sweep of time" with a colourful gradient, like waving semaphore flags, is the latest creation of Denis Guidone for Projects Watches.

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"The Sweep of Time or what time leaves behind is the perfect description for Déjà Vu." says Guidone. "The hour hand, the smaller of the two is a blue opaque at the edge of the hour and gradually moves to a more transparent blue in the wake of the hour."


"The same is true of the minute hand but becomes more interesting as it passes over the hour hand leaving a clear path of the Déjà Vu or particles below."


"This watch contemplates time. Time is present, here and now. Yet at the same time a memory as the hours and minutes leave a 'gradient' in its wake representing both past and present with the passage of time. Memories overlap creating a déjà vu."


More at Denis Guidone.


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