<3 Side Table by Jonathan Sabine
by Harry / January 7, 2013
Jonathan Sabine's less than three (aka heart emoticon) table does have less than three legs, two to be exact.

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Fewer Than 3 side table

The Fewer Than 3 side table does have three parts - a wood top, a wood dowel leg, and a bent tubular steel leg. The single steel leg bends so that it runs along the ground, making contact at two points.


"With the steel tube performing double duty in this way, the table, technically, stands securely with fewer than three legs. The result of this arrangement is a light, asymmetrical table, the figure of which changes significantly according to view angle." says Sabine.


60 Pendant light

Sabine will be showing Fewer Than 3 and his 60 Pendant light (above), with structural panels that function as pendant body and light diffuser, at IDS13 in Toronto later this month. More at Jonathan Sabine.


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