The Lorimerlite Stool by Alexander O.D. Lorimer
by Harry / December 24, 2012
The Lorimerlite Stools, made of coffee stirrer sticks, and an other from needles, are designed to support maximum weight with minimal material.

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The stool is designed to "resist compressive forces with a minimal amount of structural material. The geometry of the structure is inspired by the tetrahedral geometry of soap bubbles, which are constantly trying to optimise their form in terms of material usage." says Lorimer.


"One stool has been made from coffee stirrer sticks, and the other from needles, arranged to form a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing structural framework."


"This lorimerlite framework fills the largest volume of spaces with the least un-braced length of a predefined number of struts, making them inherently resistant to buckling and enhancing the strength of the entire structure.


"All struts meet at an angle of 109.5 degrees, as with the vertices in soap bubble clusters." More at Isotropic Structures. Via MOCO Submit.

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