Suno App by Jacobo Ibárrez
by Harry / December 20, 2012
Jacobo Ibárrez has created an iPhone app that combines light and sound to "wake you up in a gentle and natural way."

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The app, called Suno ("sun" in esperanto), mimics the sun rise by activating and gradually increasing the intensity of light on the iPhone's screen a half hour prior to the time set to wake up. The light is combined with natural sounds from a menu that includes "Fields in Switzerland" and "Beaches in the Maldives".


Says Ibárrez, "While you are still sleeping, the light gently prepares your body for the awakening. If you set the time to wake up at 8:00 am, the light will begin to increase gradually from 7:30 am. at 8:00, the light will reach its highest level, which can be adjusted according to your preferences." Available at the App Store.

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