Video: Refugia Hotel by MOBIL Arquitectos
by Ted Savage / December 18, 2012
Literally perched on a hill on the Island of Chiloé, on the Rilan Peninsula in southern Chile, Refugia Hotel by MOBIL Arquitectos is set on four concrete pillars to create a light environmental footprint amidst the rich biodiversity of its location.

All design aspects focus on embracing and harmonizing with the surrounding terrain and the highly variable weather. Passive systems, including heat-capturing concrete flooring, and carefully configured openings for natural light and ventilation, combine with an insulated and ventilated skin, for highly efficient heating and cooling. Artisanal labour was used to manufacture and install the sheath of larch shingles, each one optimized for shape and position via computer-assisted parametric design. Via ArchDaily. Photo & video: Nico Saieh.

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