FRXSH Blender by Véronique Baer
by Harry / December 17, 2012
Véronique Baer's FRXSH blender appliance design replaces the ubiquitous jar with a faceted bottle.

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Typical blender jars have an opening on top and a mechanism below, the FRXSH design combines both so that when the blending is finished, the "bottle" can be used to serve and transport the liquid.


Produced by Swiss startup Frxsh, the blender is remarkably small, simple and elegant. The base contains the motor and electronics and features an automatic trigger mechanism that replaces a start button.


Says Frxsh, "The bottles are more playful. They seem to sprout out of the the base. Their different materials steel, glass and plastic are adapted to different usage situations." More at FRXSH.

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