Light Objects 006 & 008 Naama Hofman
by Harry / December 13, 2012
Naama Hofman's Light Objects 006 and 008 use two very different materials, acrylic and marble, in two very unconventional ways.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


008 is a light object made of a marble block with a hole in the middle.


The light source is a series of LEDs on the inside the hole.


006 is a light object made with two trapezoids, one glass and one Perspex.


The shapes are similar but positioned at a 180 degree angle to each other, creating a unique appearance of transparency, light and shadow.


Between the two plates is a LED strip that illuminates the back side of the objects while creating a minimalistic line. This object can be hung or leant against a wall. More at Naama Hofman. Photos: Yael Engelhart.

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