Folded Light Art by Jiangmei Wu
by Harry / December 10, 2012
Each of Jiangmei Wu's Folded Light Art lamp shades are made with original origami folding techniques that can be unfolded into flat pieces of paper.

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Folded Light Art is a series of folded light fixtures that are made of 100 percent recycled cotton paper and LED light bulbs.


"Through the use of different scales, media, and technologies, Wu is interested in understanding how elements of design, material applications, as well as construction techniques, influence one another and together transcend boundaries between the different disciplines." says Tacit Design (where she is a principal).


"She believes that the interaction between different experiences enriches the mind and encourages one to search for a plurality of meanings in design."


"Recently she has been investigating the tectonic relationship between form/space, surface texture, and poetic expression of construction through the art of origami, as well as sustainable design through the use of recycled materials and energy efficient technologies." More at Folded Light Art.

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