Panther Table by Maximilian Eicke
by Harry / November 30, 2012
With hind legs under tension Maximilian Eicke's Panther table looks like it's ready to pounce.

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Made of ultralight materials, Panther is light enough for one person to carry and strong enough for a dinner party with several guests. Strong enough to easily support the weight of a person standing on it.


Made in Germany, the limited edition carbon fiber/ kevlar/ titanium dining table was created for Max ID NY who says "It was designed to test the possibilities of the designer [23 years old as of this writing] and his manufacturer as well as to push the envelope of what is considered a conventional table design regarding the orientation and design of its legs."


The construction of the table uses a combination of unidirectional carbon fiber and 2×2 carbon fiber twill, kevlar honeycomb core and titanium pieces at all of the connection points of the legs.


Panther packs away into a custom suitcase for easy storage and safe transport with a total assembly time, by a single person, of 2.5 minutes (watch the video). More at Max ID NY. Photos: Tanya Malott.

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