Moire Storage Collection by Noh Jooeun and Yang Bomi
by Harry / November 30, 2012
Noh Jooeun and Yang Bomi have devised a new approach to storage based on flexible materials in a quest for new experiences.

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"When we store things, we set them up straight, make them lean on other things, or put them on top of others. We are used to doing these things, and we repeat them again and again." say Jooeun and Bomi.


"We do not want to do these boring activities any more. Pulling, opening, and tying. People want new experiences, and for this we use flexible materials."


With Moire "We propose new storing activity to provide users new experiences and small enjoyment."


"The space divides but not completely blocks. The elevation of the space becomes flexible as the location and the size of the entrances can be changed with the rubber bands used all around the space."


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