The Brand New Heavies Containers by David Taylor
by Harry / November 29, 2012
In Super Dave's world, the relationship between material and shape is fundamental and influential in every aspect of his work.

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Says Taylor, "As a craftsman the pleasure of making is the prime mover in my production, where balancing texture colour and material is a pursuit that draws me day after day into my workshop.

The container series 'The Brand New Heavies' is symptomatic of my approach, where visual impression, use of material and quality in execution are the most important ingredients."


"Stoneware has a no-nonsense functional aspect that is perfect for use in objects with such obvious liturgical reference. As a material it has an inherent beauty, shades of dark brown, to be contrasted against the bright grey of tin. I make work that marries disharmonious materials, bringing them together in order to find, if not a balance, then a means of coexistence.

In the making, each container is thrown in relation to the previous one, over a day the variations in size and shape in the pieces becomes apparent. A slow-poured, cast tin stopper is then made to partner each container, creating a unit that is the final piece."


"When congregated "The Brand New Heavies" cooperate in assimilation, they give depth and volume to each other providing the viewer with more than simple, over-sweetened eye candy."

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