Sylki Chair by POD Design
by Ted Savage / November 28, 2012
Superlight, superstrong, ergonomically correct, Sylki Chair by POD Design is laser cut from a single sheet of 20 gauge (0.9mm thick) recycled metal, and weighs less than, well, a bottle of wine!

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Designed in Brooklyn, with 20% of sales going to Hurricane Sandy relief.


The idea for the Sylki concept originated with Brooks Atwood, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at NJIT and Principal of POD Design, "The main challenge of the Sylki chair was making a material transcend its original intention."


"How can I make something extremely become extremely strong?"


"The goal was to create a balance or harmony between making the chair and reducing costs and waste. I wanted to engineer a chair using the thinnest possible material through a highly specific series of folds and bends."


"I wanted to use a single piece of metal and I wanted to use technology in a way that not only supports customization but also allows for maximum efficiency."


"As with our other projects/products, we collaborated directly with the manufacturer in order to challenge the traditional methods of fabrication and also to see how far we could push the design."

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