Divider Shelving System by Mieke Meijer
by Harry / November 28, 2012
Mieke Meijer's Divider is a room divider shelving system based on lattice constructions, extremely lightweight but stable structures which enable large spans with minimal use of materials.

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"Lattice girders can be found in, for example, bridges and buildings, but also in aircraft wings. A lattice construction is a framework composed of several parts that will be assembled in triangular shapes in order to form an undeformable unity." says Meijer.


The Divider system consists of thin oak slats connected by steel plates and rivets that have an industrial character. The addition of glass shelves creates a storage function in which the transparent, light-weight nature of the design is reinforced.


"Divider deals with demarcating spaces using construction. It forms a semi-open or closed separation between users or functions as a shelving system."


"In essence Divider is more than a shelving system. It is a creative and flexible building system that offers infinite possibilities. Within the Divider system variations in height, length, depth, composition, form, color and material are possible."


"Beside this closed volumes can be created by adding panels and boxes. The system allows customized solutions." More at Mieke Meijer.


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