Lilia Bowls by Svetlana Kozhenova
by Ted Savage / November 26, 2012
From materials to manufacture, it's contrast and compare for Lilia Bowls by Svetlana Kozhenova, a series of three, based on the geometry of the lily.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Lilia CHROME is produced by a cutting edge UV photopolymer 3D printer, then chromed, an object duplicated with the precision of digital automation.


Lilia PORCELAIN is traditionally produced in a Czech porcelain factory, with more conventional costing, and handmade uniqueness in each one.


Lilia ARABESQUE molds waste PCB components, for a high labor/low material cost object, each one slightly different.


Production uniformity vs. artisanal imperfection, costly vs. relatively cheap... it's all there! Designed for purely decorative or practical use, as you please. Photos: Dan Friedlaender. Via MOCO Submit.

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