12 O'clock Shadow by Hendzel and Hunt
by Ted Savage / November 26, 2012
Custom cabinetry with the permanent imprint of noon on a sunny summer's day, 12 O'clock Shadow by Hendzel and Hunt uses old shuttering plywood (used in construction for concrete pouring and boarding up) and reclaimed ash doorframes, and precisely reproduces the shadows cast on the location where the unit is installed, as recorded at a particular perfect time.

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Say Hendzel and Hunt, "Created to celebrate our client's love for the shadow cast into his bedroom, the 12 O'clock Shadow is a great tribute to sunny days past and present."


"Measuring and detailing where the shadows fell into the room we managed to replicate them through the use of 2 kinds of reclaimed plywood, reproducing an accurate 12 o'clock (based on a sunny summer afternoon!) shadow permanently cast into the cabinet."


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