Purist Chair by Elisa Honkanen
by Ted Savage / November 22, 2012
The distilled essence of the Windsor chair, in wood and neoprene, Purist Chair by Elisa Honkanen consists of four wooden bars, a plywood panel, two screws and neoprene cord.

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Says Honkanen, "I've been a fan of Angelo Mangiarotti's Eccentrico table for a long long time, and I wanted to see if it is possible to make a chair with the same concept (= using gravity joints)."


"So the plywood board that forms the seat has four inclined holes for the wooden bars which create legs and support for the backrest. To stabilize the structure is enough to have two screws that'll fix the lateral wooden bars to each-other and neoprene cord to unite the whole structure."


"Form language recalls old Windsor chairs, being an extremely reduced version of its 'ancestors' (that's why the name Purist)."


Purist was the first prize winner in the Object category at the Interieur Design Awards, Biennale Interieur 2012, in Kortrijk, Belgium. Via La Revue du Design.


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